3 Nov

While there are many types of meditation, most have four things in common: a quiet distraction-free location; a comfortable posture; a focus of attention (on breathing or mantra, for example); and an open attitude. Research suggests that mediation may help … Read More »

Chronic Pain

1 Nov

Meditation, tai chi, and yoga all seem to help back pain, joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Spinal manipulation, performed by a chiropractor or an osteopathic physician, can also help with back pain. Although experts are unsure how it … Read More »


31 Oct

Try mindfulness, which involves staying focused on the moment, without judgment. In one 2017 study, a group of people with anxiety practiced mindfulness techniques, including certain forms of meditation, deep breathing, and yoga, for 8 weeks, and another group attended … Read More »