Make Every Day With Arthritis Easier

21 Mar

Get jump start on mornings:  Do what you can for the next day at night. Spend the extra time in the morning doing some gentle stretches before you even get out of bed.

Start rolling along: Forget carrying heavy objects, instead let wheels do the work.

Say it with a scale: Make it easier by letting loved ones know how you feel by rating pain and stiffness on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (severe)

Soup-re way to sneak in calcium: next time you make stock, use bone-in chicken parts. The bones are a rich source of calcium and magnesium, minerals that help build and strengthen bones.

Assess activities:  Check yourself two hours after doing heavy chores around the house. If you’re still feeling sore, you overdid it.  Start taking note, using the two hour rule to help you gauge how much activity is too much before you tackle it.

Use two hands: When carrying objects, whether shopping bags, books or pots and pans, use both hands

Slip these on: Compression gloves! These special fingertipless gloves are designed to warm joints and boost circulation to help keep hand swelling, aches and stiffness at bay.

Make writing painless: Put a foam cushion around the pen, it widens your grip, making joints and muscles less prone to cramps.

Watch your knuckles: Do you make two fists and lean on your knuckles for support when getting up? Break the habit! Instead, use the flats of your palms to prevent putting unnecessary stress on hand joints.

Source:  Arthritis  Health Monitor magazine Winter 2017/2018







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