More questions for the research team when considering joining a clinical trial.  What happens if I am harmed somehow in the study?  Is medical care provided and paid for by the study?  Is there a person already enrolled in the study that I can talk with.  How will I be told about the results of the study?  How will my personal information be protected in this study?  Who can I contact if I have more questions during or after the trial?  Are there other clinical trials I should consider that might offer more benefit for me?  If may be helpful to download and print Susan G. Komen’s Questions to Ask Your Doctor card on clinical trials and take it with you to your next doctor appointment. There’s plenty of space to write down the answers to these questions, which you can refer back to later.  You can also download other Questions to Ask Your Doctor cards on many different breast cancer topics.

Source: Susan G. Komen  2018 (Adapted from National Cancer Institute materials)