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The Right Fat Count

A healthy diet must include fat to help with vitamin absorption and brain function. “Where people can get into trouble health wise is by eating too much fat, especially to much of the wrong kind,” sys CR’s...

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Slenderize Your Holiday Recipes

Small changes can make many of your favorite dishes a lot healthier and just as flavorful. For example:  Use fat free sour cream for potato dishes, dips and spreads to cut about 35 grams of fat per cup. For side dishes and...

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Fat Matters, But So Do Calories

Replacing saturated fat in your diet, found largely in meat and dairy, with unsaturated fat, found in foods such as avocados, nuts, and fish, is regarded as better for your cardiovascular health. But consuming a lot of fat of...

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Fight Fat

Fight fat at all costs!  For decades, this has been the prevailing message from medical experts  But cutting-edge research suggests that you exactly can benefit  from having more fat–as long as it’s the right kind of...

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Cold Is Hot!

Take advantage of winter’s chillier temperatures and move your workout outside to increase your fat burn. A small study found that a type of fat cell known as brown fat can sense the cold. To warm up, these cells release...

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Healthy Ways to Banish Belly Fat

Belly nfat is often considered more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue. But few outside of the medical or fitness communities may know that belly fat is not only unsightly but unhealthy as well. Excessive belly fat can...

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The lowdown on Low Fat

Is a reduced-fat cookie that much healthier than a regular cookie? Not really. Processed foods that are fat-free or have reduced fat often contain extra sodium, sugar, and other carbohydrates to compensate. For example, two...

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New Foods to Fight Fat

Want to fill up, whittle your waist, and possibly ward off diabetes all at the same time? Listen up: A recent study from the UK found that mice fed high-fat diets gained less weight if their diets were also supplemented with...

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