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The Hazards of Air Pollution

Almost 30 percent of strokes can be tied to air pollution, says a study published in 2016 in The Lancet Neurology. Another study, published last year in the journal Stroke, found that people who’d already had a stroke were...

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Avoid Air Pollution

Tiny specks of pollution in the air can cause big health problems, particularly when it comes to lung and heart disease. Research has long linked air pollution to a higher risk of a heart attack in people who have been diagnosed...

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Clear The (Indoor) Air

Simple steps anyone can take to breathe easier at home. Use a digital hygrometer (available at hardware stores) to ensure your home’s humidity doesn’t exceed 55 percent or drop below 35 percent Thoroughly clean...

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Second Hand Smoke

Secondhand smoke makes the air in a house as dangerous as the air in a polluted city? Nonsmokers living with smokers are typically exposed to more than 3 times the World Health Organization’s recommended safe levels of...

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Clear The Air

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, clean air machines (e.g., air purifiers) are really not air filters. The airflow found in these systems is usually not enough to effectively filter air...

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