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What 100 Calories Looks Like

Movie Munchies “The movie-theater-sized packages of candy may seem like reasonable portions,” says Amy Keating, R.D., a Consumer Reports Dietitian. “But one box usually contains several hundred calories.”...

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Low Sugar, Low Calories

How can limiting sugar decrease excessive calorie intake? Foods high in sugar are typically high in calories and lack health-boosting nutrients. Among the most common culprits are sweetened beverages, candy and bakery products....

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Calories in Your Cuppa

There’s some not-so-sweet news for those of you who are among the 51 percent of Americans who sip coffee every day or the 26 percent who prefer tea. When plain, these drinks have just 5 and 2 calories per cup,...

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Restaurant Calorie Bombs

Restaurant meals may contain more than a day’s worth of calories (without drinks, appetizers, sides, and desserts, says a Tufts University analysis of 364 independent and small-chain dining spots. The highest calorie...

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A Cancer Fighter

The cancer fighter that’s more powerful than green tea and red wine combined (and it satisfies your sweet tooth, too!)  You’ve heard that green tea and red wine are powerful cancer fighters.  That’s because...

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Fat Matters, But So Do Calories

Replacing saturated fat in your diet, found largely in meat and dairy, with unsaturated fat, found in foods such as avocados, nuts, and fish, is regarded as better for your cardiovascular health. But consuming a lot of fat of...

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Healthier Summer Sips

Packaged hot-weather drinks without a lot of sugar? Believe it. These refreshing beverages won’t send you into sweetness overdrive. Honest Berry Hibiscus Lemonade:  An unexpected twist on a summer favorite, with half the...

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