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Researchers have identified several gene variants that can under mind your body’s ability to metabolize the P450 enzyme-making antidepressants less effective. When to consider testing:  Gene tests may help if you’ve...

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Schedule Happiness

If you’re depressed, planned engagement in activities you now avoid, like exercise, can ease the condition along with cognitive behavioral therapy, researchers in Britain say, Ask for a referral to a therapist trained in...

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Dealing With Depression

Is there anything I can do, along with taking medication, to lift depression? Physical activity may help, and you might not need a vigorous workout.  In one study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, of 122 people...

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Treat Depression, Help Your Heart

High blood pressure, obesity and smoking raise the risk of heart disease. Now a panel of experts convened by The American Heart Association suggests that depression should be added to the list. In a review of studies, most found...

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Antioxidants and Depression

In a study of 278 adults age 60 and older, those with depression had a lower intake of fruit and vegetables (the main food sources of antioxidants) and of dietary antioxidants overall compared with those who weren’t...

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