3 Mar

One out of two American adults has either diabetes or pre-diabetes. And people who drink sugar beverages have a higher risk of diabetes than those who don’t. But it’s neither practical nor ethical to give people sugar drinks long enough … Read More »


11 Jul

Nearly 8 million Americans doesn’t know they have diabetes.  Three in 10 people with diabetes aren’t diagnosed, even though they may have seen a doctor during the year. Beware: Symptoms– fatigue, blurred vision, slow-healing cuts and scrapes, and more frequent … Read More »

Prevent Diabetes

14 Sep

With type 1 diabetes (juvenile  diabetes), white blood cells attack and destroy insulin-producing pancreatic cells. Vitamin D receptors, which attach to white blood cells, reduce the chance that this will happen. In addition, vitamin D appears to improve the ability … Read More »

Dodge Diabetes

5 Aug

Lose (not gain) pounds Do at least 30 minutes of brisk walking or other aerobic exercise every day.  Experts also recommend strength training sessions two or three times a week. Limit sweets, especially sugar-sweetened drinks. Even the naturally occurring sugars … Read More »

Resisting Diabetes

20 Apr

Aerobic exercise like walking or running lowers the risk of diabetes. But what about muscle-strengthening exercise like weight lifting or lower-intensity muscle conditioning exercise like stretching, toning or yoga?  Scientists tracked roughly 99,000 women aged 36 to 81 in the … Read More »