Eat Right

20 Oct

Eating right may prevent more heart trouble. Even patients who’ve already had a heart attack or who are on medications can benefit from a healthy diet, according to a new study. Canadian researchers used two healthy-eating indexes to score the … Read More »

Best Fats to Eat

21 Jun

Smart treat–dark chocolate Best cooking oil–virgin olive oil, skip “vegetable” oils which don’t really contain veggies), including corn oil and safflower oil, but avoid heating extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil above 350 degrees, which damages their benefits. … Read More »

What To Eat

15 Dec

Odds, are you’re not eating saturated fat, or any other kind of fat, for dinner. You’re eating food. Which foods? The scientists advising the government on 2015 Dietary Guidelines recommended dietary patterns that are: Rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, … Read More »