Have Fun & Be Fit

1 Oct

Improve your energy level! Reduce your stress! Control your weight! Lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes! How? By increasing your physical activity. The best news is that all of these benefits can begin with moderate activity. … Read More »

Move to Block the Blues

30 Mar

Exercise–no matter how little–is good for your mood. Even 20 to 30 minutes a day of light physical activities such as walking or gardening may help prevent depression, found a review of 30 scientific studies. Source: Remedy’s Healthy Living–Spring 2014

Reach For It

28 Nov

Movement–Meditation–Yoga brain, and that’s a good thing. Practicing yoga for 20 minutes is better than aerobic exercise for increasing your focus and your ability to learn new things, found a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign study. Sweat, stretch, and get … Read More »