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Eyelid Hygiene

Cleaning your eyelids regularly can help combat the effects of common contributing issues, such as eyelid inflammation (blepharitis). Once a day, hold a warm washcloth over your eyes for a few minutes, then gently massage the...

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Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye is usually the result of poor quality tears, which evaporate too quickly, leaving the eye uncomfortably dry. The chance of this increases with age, in part because the body’s tear-producing glands begin to function...

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Be Kind to Your Eyes

March is Save Your Vision Month.  When reading or using a computer, look at least 10 feet away for at least 10 seconds every 10 minutes (the 10-10-10 rule). Feast on foods that may reduce eye disease risk, including almonds and...

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What Causes Under Eye Bags?

Dr. Oz says: It depends. if your bags are temporary, they’re probably due to fluid retention, caused by anything from a change in the weather or your hormones to swelling from allergies to not getting enough sleep or...

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Dry Eye

Dry eye occurs when the eye does not produce adequate tears or tears evaporate too quickly because they are not the proper consistency. Other causes of dry eye can include aging, medications, medical conditions, environmental...

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Dry Eye

Dry eye is one of the most common reasons people visit eye doctors. And one of the most common causes of dry eye is hours of nonstop computer use. Rapid remedy:  Twice an hour, turn away from your computer screen, close your...

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The Red-Eye Special

A subconjunctival hemorrhage sounds horrendous and looks even worse-with the white of one eye suddenly turning flaming red. Those experiencing this may worry about eye disease or bleeding disorders, but the hemorrhage is...

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Two Tests to Skip

The following tests are sometimes recommended by doctors even though research shows they are inaccurate or have no effect on treatment options. Alzheimer’s   One genetic tests screens for an early onset form of the...

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Eye Floater Facts

Most of the time, floaters-tiny, shadowy dots and squiggles you might see drifting across your field of vision-are simply harmless bits of debris in the gel-like fluid inside your eyes. But floaters, which become more come with...

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Dry Eyes and Contacts

To reduce dryness, use rewetting drops or artificial tears as directed by your eye doctor. That can bolster the tear layer that contacts sit on, reducing irritation. Cleaning and disinfecting lenses as recommend, and replacing...

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Digital Eye Strain

Are you at risk?     Mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices have changed the way we live, work and play. But they’ve also challenged our vision like never before and traditional lenses weren’t designed with...

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