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Prevent Gardening Pain

Love to garden?  Brush up your digging style to protect your joints. A recent British study took a close look at digging techniques and found that some gardeners put more pressure on joints, increasing the likelihood of lower...

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Your Knee Creaks

Message: My cushioning is wearing down. There are many reasons your joints might creak, and it doesn’t always mean arthritis, Okeke-lgbokwe says. Your ligaments and tendons might simply be rubbing against each other or...

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Knees (and other Joints):

Make like a tree. Take up a low-impact activity like tai chi or yoga to stay flexible and strong. (Bonus: You’ll lower health-sapping stress too.) Last year, the largest clinical trial to look at yoga’s impact on...

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For Severe Joint Pain (Joint Surgery)

When to consider:    About one million Americans get a knee or hip replaced each year, and most say I helps a lot. Still, both are major surgeries that, like all operations, pose risks  of serious complications, can recovery can...

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For Lingering Joint Pain (Injections)

When to consider:  If you have pain or disability despite taking OTC drugs, ask your doctor about injections with steroids (which ease inflammation or hyaluronic acid (which lubricate the joint). Stay-safe steps:  Hyaluronic...

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For Mild joint Pain: OTC Drugs

When to consider:   Anyone with joint pain should start with low-impact activities such as walking and swimming, combined with exercises to stretch and strengthen the legs. But you’ll probably need a pain reliever, too....

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Easing Into Yoga

Look for an instructor trained in “Prime of Life Yoga” or “Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors” which have classes for students older than 40. The teachers are trained to work with newbies who may have physical...

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Surgery Jitters!

How can you prepare for a joint replacement?    The best way is to know what to expect. You and your health team should have a meeting about the surgery or ask for a detailed written explanation that discusses expectations,...

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