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Do This for Kidney Health

While nearly 50 percent of people older than 65 will develop chronic kidney disease, just 1 in 10 talked to a registered dietitian nutritionist, a Loyola University report said. Eating less meat, processed food, salt, and...

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How to Protect Your Kidneys

Keep blood sugar under control Reduce salt intake Keep a lid on blood pressure with diet, exercise, and meds. Stop smoking Exercise daily and lose excess weight Eat a DASH like diet rich in fruits and vegetables Source:...

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Chronic Kidney Disease

Early detection improves outcome. To many people, chronic kidney disease, or chronic kidney failure, as it’s sometimes known, sounds bad. It may conjure up thoughts of dialysis and kidney transplants. But the truth is,...

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Keeping Kidneys Healthy

It’s essential that you keep your kidneys healthy. There are a few ways to do just that. Avoid carbonated beverages in excess. Dark sodas can erode your kidneys. Scale down these beverages to one every few days. Drink...

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