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Guard Your Memory

There is no pill or procedure to help you maintain your memories (yet). Heather M. Snyder, senior director of medical and scientific operations for the Alzheimer’s Association, says studying cause and effect on the brain...

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Improve Your Memory

Foods high in healthy unsaturated fats (olive oil, fish, and nuts) have been linked to lower rates of both dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (MCI)-the stage of memory loss that often...

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Food that helps prevent memory loss!

Eating blueberries, strawberries, and other berries may prevent age-related changes in the brain like memory loss and loss of motor control. Scientists discovered that the high levels of antioxidants in berries, not only protect...

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A Cause For Memory Problems

High blood sugar may accelerate age-related brain decline, according to a recent study that tracked 13,351 people for more than two decades. Researchers found with those with poorly controlled blood sugar in middle age had a 19...

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Strength Train Your Brain

A single 20-minute strength training routine might boost memory, according to a study of 46 young adults conducted at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The participants viewed a series of photos, then half of them did...

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To Preserve Your Memory

Lose (or don’t gain) excess weight Exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day Eat a healthy diet Control blood pressure with diet, exercise, and, if necessary, medication Stay mentally and socially active It might also help to: Get...

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