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Do Not Trust Multivitamin Labels…

says Tod Cooperman, MD, Reason: The percentage of daily values (DVs), which reflects recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), was changed last year. Large companies were given until July 2018 to make label changes, and that date...

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Daily Multivitamins

People in the United States spend about $6 billion per year on vitamins. Virtually all of that money is wasted, since there is growing evidence that these additions to our diet are not effective in preventing chronic disease and...

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It’s worth taking a multivitamin if it supplies nutrients–like vitamin D and B-12- that you may not be getting enough of from your food. Don’t count on a multi to “support” your heart, breast,...

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More Magnesium

More magnesium may mean a lower risk of stroke. Researchers have looked at seven studies that followed a total of roughly 240,000 people for eight to 15 years. The risk of an ischemic stroke was 9 percent lower for each 100...

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