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Stop Smoking

Smoking is the most preventable major risk factor of our No.1 killer–heart and blood vessel diseases. The long list of diseases and deaths due to smoking is frightening. Thousands of nonsmokers, including infants and...

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Number of new cases expected to be diagnosed this year: 1,638,910 Quit smoking. Kicking the habit helped reduce cancer deaths by at least 40% between 1993 and 2003. according to the American Cancer Society (ACS). Work out...

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Quitting Makes You Happier!

Been putting off stamping out cigarettes because you’re worried it’ll stress you out and make you unhappy? Not so! Once ex-smokers get over that initial just-quick hump, they’re happier and more satisfied with...

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How To Stop Smoking

Deal with Stress and the Urge to Smoke: Stay away from other smokers Change habits-drink tea in the park, don’t stop at the coffee shop and smoke Call a friend Walk, ride a bike, take fresh air breaks. Do a hobby with your...

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