17 Jul

Can’t rush healing, but use these tips for comfort: Unfortunately, there’s no fast-fix sunburn treatment. So said Trent Anderson, Mayo Clinic Health System family medicine physician. “Once you have sunburn, the damage is done,although it may take 12 to 24 … Read More »

Spider Veins

17 Jun

Why they happen:  Valves in your blood vessels weaken, due to aging or genetics. The blood pools and causes capillaries to have that  skinning, squiggly appearance. Simple solutions:  Mask unsightly veins with a waterproof body makeup like Dermablend, which can … Read More »


10 Jun

Why it happens:    Genes. Cellulite is the same as other fat, except it bulges between bands of tissue that connect your skin and your muscles, causing that dreaded dimple appearance. Simple solution:  Creams and gels with caffeine peptides or retinol … Read More »

Dry Skin

12 Jun

Dry skin is a general term that describes a lack of moisture in the skin. Your skin may be rough, scaly, flaky or uncomfortably tight, or less elastic than normal skin. Strategies to reduce dry skin Avoid hot water Use … Read More »

Get Rosy Skin

16 Sep

Eating more fruits and vegetables–especially yellow, orange and red ones, such as carrots, pumpkins and tomatoes–may lead to healthier-looking skin, according to a recent small study. Researchers found that eating three more servings of fruits and vegetables a day over six … Read More »

Enjoy The Sun Safely

1 Aug

While enjoying the outdoors this summer, it’s easy to forget about protecting your skin. Lorain County General Health District Commissioner, Kenneth G. Pearce warns residents, “In as little as 15 minutes, skin can be damaged by the sun.” Heat has … Read More »