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Craving a Snack?

Try these quick tricks to ease the need to graze Brew a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea–It’s soothing and warm, so it takes awhile to sip, keeping your mouth occupied. Distract yourself–Find an absorbing...

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Take Charge! (Snacking)

Whether your between-meal hankerings are for sweet or savory snacks, something crunchy or something to sip on, smart choices can help keep you going all day long without wrecking your healthy-eating regimen. The American Heart...

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Snacking Tips

The less processing the better: The healthiest snacks don’t come in a package with a label. The healthiest snacks are fresh fruits, and fresh veggies. String cheese or any natural, unprocessed cheese, unsweetened yogurt...

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Sit Down While Snacking

Having a snack? Take a seat!  A recent study conducted at the U.K.’s University of Surrey looked at the effect of different kinds of distraction on eating. In the study, calorie-watching women who ate a cereal bar while...

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Good Snack, Bad Snack

What makes a healthy snack? Small portions of nutrient-packed, unprocessed foods. Have two snacks per day and think of them as little meals. Each should include at least two food groups and have 150 to 200 calories. A 6-ounce...

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Smarter Snacking

It’s hard to make it through a busy day without eating between meals. Snacking can be good for you by providing essential vitamins and minerals, while boosting your energy. The key is knowing how to snack. Choose wisely...

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