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Know Your Vaccinations

Influenza–Quadrivalent vaccination provides protection against four strains of the flu. Patients 65 and older should ask about specific vaccines for their age group. Shingles–This vaccine greatly reduces the pain...

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Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines protect for six months, enough to get most people through the annual flu season. Vaccination reduces the chance of a doctor’s visit for flu by 50% to 70%. Source: Bottom Line Personal 11-1-2016  Study of more...

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Breast Cancer Vaccine…

appears to be effective? In a preliminary trial of the experimental vaccine, it helped patients immune systems attack a protein found in breast tumors, slowing progression of the disease. Study by researchers at Washington...

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Vaccines Generally Safe

Vaccines can cause certain side effects but serious ones appear very rare and there’s no link with autism and Type 1 diabetes, the Institute of Medicine says in the first comprehensive safety review in 17 years. The report...

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