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are associated with greater heart risk. Recent findings: Women who get migraines are 50% more likely to develop major cardiovascular disease than those who do not suffer from the headaches. Migraines probably do not cause heart...

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Before snowfalls and rainfalls could be a connection to getting migraines. Shifts in barometric pressure can set off headaches for some people, says neurologist Orly Avitzur, M.D., Consumer Reports medical director. Some...

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Migraines No More?

On our radar, two drugs that could stop the hurt before it happens. The meds, which are injected, use antibodies to block the pain signals and abnormal dilation of blood vessels that can lead to migraines. In one trial, biweekly...

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Break Fast Every Day

Your morning oatmeal saves you from a blood sugar dip that can get your head a-throbbing. “When you fast, that activates the hypothalamus, the brain region that controls the drive to eat,” says B. Lee Peterlin,...

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