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Sleep Disturbances

Your best bet is healthy sleep habits, such as setting a regular bedtime and, at least an hour before bedtime, dimming the lights and turning off electronic devices. Some evidence suggests that melatonin, one of the most widely...

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Sleep Myths

Do we need less sleep as we age?  NO. You still need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. But getting that much can be a challenge for older adults because of natural hormone shifts that alter sleep patterns, taking certain...

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Sleep Tips

Exercise in the morning so your body can wind down before bedtime, advised the doctors. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and big meals in the evening. Go to bed at the same time, even on weekends, but sleep late on weekends if...

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Sip Yourself Asleep

File this one under “bizarre but worth a shot”‘ Tart cherry juice could get you more shut-eye.  In a small new study, insomniacs who drank 8 ounces of the stuff twice a day slept an impressive 84 more minutes...

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Stop Tossing & Turning

Nearly half of older adults have trouble sleeping at least a few nights a week. But you need good sleep to improve concentration and memory, and boost your immune system, says nationally renowned sleep expert Jessica Payne, MA,...

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