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Big Benefits of Dog Walking

In a U.K. study of older adults, dog owners who walked their canine companions at least once a day were 20 percent more active than people who had no dog. They also sat about 30 minutes less a day and got more activity in bad...

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When You Can’t Get to 10,000 Steps

We hear you, some days there just isn’t enough time to fit in the recommended 10K steps. The solution: Hustle   A new study found that while more activity is best, taking fewer steps still has health benefits, especially...

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Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get the blood-sugar-lowering benefits pf exercise. Short, but frequent walking breaks-as brief as two minutes every half hour-can lower blood sugar. Or, take the stairs more...

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Walking Delivers Host of Health Benefits

People are sometimes surprised at how many health benefits occur simply by walking regularly. According to Mayo Clinic, a regimen of walking can help you decrease bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, lower your blood...

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Heart: Track Your Steps

Wearable trackers provide good incentive to park in back of the lot or take the stairs. But worry less about hitting a magic number than just trying to walk more. Track your steps on a normal day, than try to increase that...

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Take a Short Pre-meal Walk

Health experts have long agreed that exercise helps stabilize blood sugar. Now they’ve improved on that advise: Turns out, doing one minute of intense exercise (such as brisk walking) followed by one minute of easy...

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Ramp It Up

“Walking at even a slow pace improves cardiovascular fitness,” says Robert Ross, an exercise physiologist at Queens University in Canada. Ross recently led a six month study of treadmill walking in 300 sedentary...

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Walking Groups Provide Health Bonuses

If you’re looking for a way to increase your physical activity, you might want to consider joining a walking group. In a survey published early this year in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, investigators looked at...

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Take a Five-Minute Walk Every Hour

Taking a five-minute walk every hour counters the negative effects of sitting at a desk or on a couch for long hours. Extended sitting is bad for blood pressure and cholesterol and contributes to obesity. Researchers believe the...

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Have Diabetes?

Taking a walk after meals can help you manage your disease, found a study in Diabetes Care. Why? Your muscles use the glucose from the food you just ate to fuel the activity, sending blood sugar levels south If you can’t...

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