Breast Cancer Screening Guide

15 Oct

Early detection and early treatment can save lives–maybe even yours

Breast Cancer
The Guidelines
Yearly mammograms starting at age 40
Clinical breast exam yearly for women 40 and older
Discuss risk factors and family history with your doctor

The Reasons
The American Cancer Society (ACS) says, “Women and doctors need to understand that we are more confident than ever in the benefits of mammography, which are particularly clear for women in their 40s. We have much more evidence, and much more convincing evidence, that those women benefit.”
The ACS advises that women get a clinical breast exam every year from age 40 on. The ACS also recommends that some women-because of their family history, a genetic tendency, or certain other factors-be screened with MRI in addition to mammograms. Women should discuss family history, overall breast health including lifestyle choices, and when to start screenings with their doctor.
Breast self-exam is optional, though the ACS recommends that women be familiar with the “landscape” of their breasts. “We want women to be aware of what their breasts normally feel like and look like,” the ACS says, “to be attuned to any change, and to bring any change to the attention of their doctor right away.”
Source: The Chronicle-Telegram 10-14-2012 Elyrua, Ohio

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