Digital Mammography vs. Regular Mammogram

20 Oct

Technology has raised the standards of imaging quality. Several Cleveland Clinic locations use breast imaging equipment that is digital, rather than traditional mammography equipment. Digital mammography (DM) creates high-resolution images that are exceptionally clear and detailed. A digital mammogram allows for more digital manipulation of a breast x-ray exam than is possible with film mammography. The differences are in the way the picture is made, viewed and stored. Standard mammograms are printed on x-ray films. Digital images are recorded and saved as files in a computer. Immediately after the exam, the doctor can look at the pictures on a computer screen and adjust the size, brightness or contrast to see certain areas of the breast more clearly. This may allow the radiologist to identify and diagnose extremely small masses/lumps and tiny deposits of calcium (calcification). If a breast specialist needs to look at the pictures, they can be emailed rather than sent as a hard copy.
Source: The Chronicle-Telegram 10-14-2012 Elyria, Ohio

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