The Cold and Flu Remedy That Fights Cancer

21 Nov

You’ve probably heard of natural cold remedies like echinacea, goldenseal and garlic. But here’s one that’s even better…one that many doctors take everyday to ward off all kinds of illnesses.
This amazing remedy boosts your immunity against colds and flu…It kills all kinds of infections–from viruses to bacteria to fungal infections…It helps heal bronchitis and pneumonia..and it’s one of the world’s best ways to prevent cancer!
So just what is this miracle remedy? It’s an ancient Chinese herb called Huang qi. But you probably know it by it’s more common name, astragalus.
Dozens of studies show that astragalus is a powerful immune booster that increases your body’s production of T-cells, macrophages and NK (natural killer) cells. And recent studies show it’s a potent cancer fighter, ass well.
In one study, astragalus was able to restore immune function in 90% of the cancer patients studied! And in 2 other studies, cancer patients receiving astragalus had TWICE the survival rate of those who only received standard therapies!
That makes astragalus one powerful immunity booster! And unlike other immune-boosting herbs like echinacea and goldenseal, you can take astragalus every day, with no adverse side effects.
You can find astragalus in capsule form at most health food stores. Or, you may buy the whole root at Chinese markets and greengrocers, and use it when you are cooking.
Simply add the root to your favorite soup, stew, or rice dish. Let simmer for 30 minutes, then remove the root and discard. It leaves no discernible taste, but packs plenty of medicinal wallop.
Source: Bottom Line Health Winter 2012

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