23 Ways To Prevent Colds & Flu

23 Dec

Here’s a surprise: You may spend more time each year nursing a sore throat. fever, and runny nose than you do on vacation.
Add it up: Adults get about three colds a year on average, each lasting a week or two. On top of that, 5 to 20% of us will also get the flu, which can linger even longer. That’s a month-or more!
This year, take back that time-and your health. These tested tips for fighting colds and flu can help you stay well all winter.
Try probiotics
Eat more garlic
Practice qigong Chinese mind-body exercise
Get vaccinated
Wash and dry your hands often
Get enough sleep
Add astragalus to fight off viruses
Cut back on sweets
Use herbs and spices
Lose weight
Drink enough water
Take care of your toothbrush
Pop a vitamin C
Stop biting your nails
Eat mushrooms
Take what you trust
Make your own sanitizing spray-To clean surfaces, mix 8 ounces of purified water and 30 drops of essential oil try (lavender, rosemary, thyme, trea tree, or sage) In a spray bottle, take aim at doorknobs, phones, or anyplace viruses are likely to linger.
Be cautious about carriers
and things they may have touched
Eat more fruit
Source: Prevention Magazine Winter 2012

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