Probiotic Foods

15 Apr

Been on an antibiotic this winter? Suffering from seasonal allergies? Coping with an inflammatory intestinal condition or arthritis? Undergoing cancer therapy? Or, simply interested in building a strong immune system to stay healthy?

Then probiotic foods should be on the menu.  Probiotic foods and probiotic supplements are rich in live and active bacteria, or “probiotics.” These good bacteria occur naturally in fermented foods. Probiotic foods have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. The word “probiotic” means promoting life.”

Probiotic also refers to the more than 100 trillion good bacteria that live in our large intestine or colon. We rely on these good bacteria to help stimulate and regulate our immune system.  More than 70 percent of our immune system is in our colon. Persons with a high level of good bacteria (probiotics)  in their colon have a stronger immune system.

Probiotics help prevent viral, bacterial and fungal organisms, which constantly attack us, from multiplying in our body and causing infections or other illnesses.

Source: The Elyria-Chronical newspaper Phyllis Molnar Dietitian 4-5-2017  See next post for probiotic food list



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