Can I Quit Taking My Blood Pressure Med. If My BP Is Normal?

27 Nov

Probably not. Most people who begin taking a blood pressure medication will need to continue taking some type of blood pressure medication for the rest of their lives.

Natural, age-related changes that affect your heart, blood vessels and hormones often lead to eventual high blood pressure. And these changes can be coupled with other risk factors that you have more control over, such as your weight, diet and level of physical activity. Research has found that the lifetime of developing high blood pressure in adults older than 55 to 90 percent.

Research has also found that when people with drug-controlled high blood pressure eliminate the drug, blood pressure levels usually go back up eventually. Blood pressure drugs help insure that your blood pressure stays at healthy levels so that you avoid complications such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and dementia.

If unpleasant side affects are the main reason you want to discontinue your medication, there are usually many adjustments you and your doctor can make to reduce or eliminate them.

Source:  Mayo Clinic Health Letter September 2015



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