Healthier Summer Sips

17 Jul

Packaged hot-weather drinks without a lot of sugar? Believe it. These refreshing beverages won’t send you into sweetness overdrive.

Honest Berry Hibiscus Lemonade:  An unexpected twist on a summer favorite, with half the sugar of other lemonades and no artificial sweeteners ($2.50 at Whole Foods,

Third Street Unsweetened Green Tea: It’s hard to find sugar-free bottled tea but this organic, fair-trade thirst quencher satisfies. (2.00 at Whole Foods;

Bhakti Chai, Semi Sweet and Iced. Switch up your iced coffee habit with this fiery blend of ginger juice and spices. splashed with soy milk. ($3.50 at Natural food stores; bhaktichai,com)

Source: Prevention magazine July 2014

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