A Cancer Fighter

15 Dec

The cancer fighter that’s more powerful than green tea and red wine combined (and it satisfies your sweet tooth, too!)  You’ve heard that green tea and red wine are powerful cancer fighters.  That’s because they’re loaded with phenols and flavonoids, 2 powerful  antioxidants proven to fight off heart disease as well as cancer.  But did you know that hot cocoa fights disease better than wine or tea?  and here’s the proof:

Red wine (1 glass)  amt. of Phenols 340 mg and amt. of Flavonoids 163 mg

Green tea (1 cup) amt. of Phenols 165 mg and amt. of Flavonoids 47 mg

TOTAL   505 mg amt. of Phenols and 210 mg amt. of Flavonoids

Not bad, but take a look at this:

Hot Cocoa (1 cup) amt. of Phenols 611 mg and amt. of Flavonoids 564 mg

Bonus:  Chocolate is also rich in antioxidants. But it’s high in saturated fats. When you switch to cocoa, you get the chocolate taste, and less than 1 gram of saturated fat!

Source: Bottom Line Health Winter 2014


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