Learn seasonal survival from the masters of hibernation.

Embrace hyperphagia, or overeating: Instead of feasting on holiday treats, act like a bear and grab pawfuls of nuts and berries. They’ll tune up your brain and immune system.

Lose weight fast-er: Bears winterlong fasting helps them lose about 20 percent of their pudge. Variation: intermittent fasting. Eat only during an eight-hour window each day.

Shake it off: Dave Garshelis, a bear expert with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, notes that hibernating bears do a lot of shivering, which preerves muscle tone. Similarly, human fidgeting can burn 350 calories a day. And a Japanese showed that setting the thermostat at 62 degrees impacts your metabolism and could cause significant fat loss in six weeks.

Source: AARP magazine December 2017 January 2018