Is Chocolate a New Cure-all?

28 Jan

The next time someone tells you to eat more chocolate to lower blood or boost your memory, say “NO WAY!”  Yes, it’s true that chocolate contains flavanols a plant nutrient, that can help lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots, fight cell damage, and even improve thinking skills. But before you load up on chocolate you should know that not only does the amount of cocoa in chocolate vary by manufacturer, but also flavanols are often destroyed in the production of chocolate! Not to mention that chocolate candy can be high in sugar and fat. To get the benefits of chocolate’s cocoa flavanols reach for unsweetened cocoa powder that has not been processed using the Dutch method, which reduces flavanols. It will taste bitter, but the results will be sweet.

Source:  From the Editors of the Harvard Health Letter   2016-2017


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