Don’t let yourself get too hungry. If you’re too hungry, your gut signals tell the reward system in your brain. Skip the crash diets, and focus on the quality of food you eat.

Don’t drink your calories. Sugary drinks, soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, or sweetened teas lead to weight gain.

Find foods that don’t cause war. Hungry between meals? Try fresh fruit or carrots with hummus.

Address your stress. Notice the emotional triggers that can set you up to crave palatable rewarding foods.

Get enough sleep When researchers let people sleep only four hours a night for five days, they ate more and gained weight.

Give yourself a break Our food environment is set up to make it hard for people to eat healthier. Have some compassion for yourselves.

Source: Nutrition Action Health Letter April 2017  Ashley Gearhardt, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan