A carbohydrate-rich dinner may be worse for blood sugar levels than a carb-rich breakfast or lunch.

Researchers studied 29 men who had either normal blood sugar levels or pre-diabetes. Most were overweight, but none were obese. For one month each, the men ate either:

carb rich meals early (by 1:30pm) and fat-rich meals late (4:30pm to 10pm) or fat-rich meals early and carb-rich meals late.

Among those who had pre-diabetes, blood sugar levels, measured throughout the day, were 8 percent higher after a month of eating the carb-rich meals later in the day than after a month of eating them earlier.

As expected, a high-carb test meal raised blood sugar levels more than a high-fat test meal. However, both test meals raised blood sugar levels more when they were eaten later, rather than earlier, in the day. In other words, glucose tolerance, the body’s ability to handle carbs, gets worse as the day progress.

What to do:  Shrink servings of pasta, pizza, potatoes, rice, and bread at dinner.

Source: Nutrition Action Health Letter May 2017