13 May

The dry, itchy skin of eczema affects more than 30 million Americans and is the number-one reason people visit dermatologists. You can stop the itching in one minute with a remedy from Adnan Nasir, MD, professor of dermatology at Duke University and author of Eczema-free for Life.

Rapid Remedy: With the heel of your palm, apply firm, deep pressure, equivalent to the weight of a bowling ball, to the site of the itching for one minute. Then apply the same deep pressure to the same part of the body but on the opposite side.  For example, if the itch is on your left forearm, first apply pressure there, then apply pressure to your right forearm. “Why this works isn’t known,” Dr. Nasir said, “but the anti-itching effect can last from minutes to hours.”

Source: Bottom Line Personal March 2017




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