Fat-Burning Muscle-Toning Workout

18 Jul

If you’d like to stay healthy and slow down the aging process, the single best thing you can do is to go on a strength-training program. Strength training restores muscle…increases bone density…improves mobility…promotes weight loss and cardiovascular fitness.

Unfortunately, conventional strength training requires several hours a week…and frequently causes injury to muscles and joints.

But now there is a better way. It’s called the Slow Burn workout, and it’s easier, safer, and more effective than conventional workouts. In Slow Burn, weights are lifted and lowered with incredible slowness–about 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down.

Compared to conventional lifting, the Slow Burn workout is safer. It reduces injury-causing stress on ligaments, tendons, and joints  This means that even the elderly can do it safely. It’s also more effective. Without the aid of momentum, more muscle fibers are exercised with each movement. And it’s more efficient. You can get a complete workout in 30 minutes each week–compared with at least 3 hours for conventional lifting.

Source: Bottom Line Publications Summer 2016


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