Heart (vitals)

5 Jan

Your heart handles a lot in a day. Fortunately, it has an assistant-you! When you know about what it goes through from morning to night, you can help it stay stronger, healthier, and happier. And keep you that way, too.

Average weight:    9-11 ounces That’s a little heavier than a large apple.

Average size:   Slightly bigger than your fist

Location:    Just left of your breastbone  Not all the way over on the left, where you were taught to put your hand during the Pledge of Allegiance

Number of beats per day:   100,000 or about three billion times in your life.

Average output:   5 quarts of blood are pumped around your system every minute. (in a year, it could fill three Olympic-size pools.)

Source: Dr. Oz The Good Life November 2016



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