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Kathy McLain is an Emmy award-winning producer/editor and native Clevelander who logs over two decades producing television programs designed around sports, entertainment and issues of health disparities. Most notably Ms. McLain served as Director of Scoreboard Operations for the Cleveland Browns. She also co-created “HIV Today – Finding the Light Within,” a video to increase HIV testing among the Newark, NJ population. Produced in partnership with University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, this video was highlighted at the 2004 World AIDS Conference in Bangkok,Thailand. Ms. McLain worked on five NIH-funded grants through her association with joint partner, PHTV, Inc. including the Urban Cancer Project. Ms. McLain recently completed a national video campaign for CISCRP, the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation, as well as served as chief editor for two documentaries for Cleveland’s PBS station on stroke and sickle cell anemia. The program on sickle cell anemia won a regional Emmy for best health/science program. Ms. McLain recently launched 216TV.org which produces a weekly movie review show called “Reel Review.”  It has a global audience with over 12,000 visits per month across all 50 U.S. states and 138 countries. Ms. McLain’s video clients include: the Cleveland Clinic; UH Case Medical Center; Bellefaire JCB; Fieldstone Farms; Hattie Larlham; Partnership for a Safer Cleveland; the Onassis Foundation; and WVIZ/PBS ideastream.


Betty Halliburton’s broadcast career spans close to three decades during which she has specialized in multimedia, marketing, public relations and audio/visual production. Ms. Halliburton spent a decade with WUAB-TV 43 and its sister station WOIO- CBS 19 in Cleveland working as a news reporter, producer and anchor. Halliburton received an Emmy for the five-part series “Silence the Violence” and contributed to the Emmy- winning project, “Act Against Violence” on WVIZ/PBS in Cleveland.  Following her broadcast career, Ms. Halliburton served as Communications Director for the Elyria City Schools. Ms. Halliburton has been involved with several national health- related projects including “Save Our Sons: Early Diabetes Video” featuring National Urban League President/CEO Marc Morial.  Ms. Halliburton also served as reporter/producer and project organizer for the NIH-funded project, the Urban Cancer Project .


Kay Colby is a six-time Emmy award-winning producer for WVIZ/PBS and 90.3 WCPN ideastream, Cleveland’s combined PBS/NPR station. To date, she has served as lead producer for 17 television programs about various chronic diseases and conditions broadcast as part of ideastream’s award-winning multimedia health series Be Well.  Ms. Colby is also the founding president of Public Health Television (PHTV, Inc.). PHTV (the for-profit arm) and Vessel Work (the not-for-profit- arm) specialize in designing, testing, and disseminating video-based interventions to address healthcare disparities affecting low-income African Americans and Hispanics.Colby wrote and served as principal investigator for five grants funded by the National Cancer Institute and performed in collaboration with the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center at Case Western Reserve University. PHTV’s work with the medically underserved led to the creation of a media advocacy project known as the Urban Cancer Project that was presented at the 2003 legislative conference of the Congressional Black Caucus as a national model to address health disparities. In her 30 years as a broadcast journalist, Ms. Colby‘s has produced numerous network shows including 60 episodes of the health magazine show “Your Health!” (Discovery Channel); several episodes of the highly acclaimed forensic show “Forensic Files” (HLN-Headline News Network); and an HBO special on heart attacks hosted by the late Walter Cronkite.

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    There are not many reasons for high BP and high BP is only an indication, which shows there is blood circulation related problems in the body and needs high attention. High BP is only a symptom which
    shows your body is at risk and needs treatment.
    Trying to suppress high BP through medication is
    as good as trying to hide a fault.

    1. High BP and silent attack

    This generally occurs in diabetic patient. Due to frequent urination the blood vessels squeezes and blood flow through the body gradually reduces due
    to high resistance in the nervous system. This systematic reduction in blood causes the the blood
    flow through the heart to stop. Thus darkness is felt in the eyes of patient and the patient goes to unconscious state and falls dead without any pain.
    Pain will be felt only if the blood flow stops all of
    a sudden. Gradual reduction in blood flow will not
    be felt by the patient other than general fatigue.

    Remedy for silent attack

    Drink more than enough water. When we drink water, the same water is absorbed into body immediately and hence the water content (volume) of the blood increases. This increased volume of blood enhances the elasticity of arteries. This will also increase blood pressure, but need not worry because this high BP will remain so till we drain out the water as urine. After urination drink doubles the volume
    of water and let this process continue.


    Aspirin tablets if taken regularly will cause the
    nervous system to go weak and it is likely to
    cause internal bleeding when the volume of blood
    increases. Such patients should stop aspirin and
    water intake should only slowly and gradually be
    increased and continue the practice with patience.

    BP controlling medicines do not increase the blood circulation and it does no good other than harming the body.

    Heart Attack due to Arterial Block

    We human beings include variety of
    items in our food which include vegetarian and non vegetarian foods. Many of our foods provide more
    minerals (calcium and iron) which is often excess
    than our requirements. This excess amount of minerals remain scattered in the blood as small
    granules and often get deposited in the kidney as
    Kidney Stone. Kidney Stone is nothing but accumulation of minerals filtered by the kidney
    From the blood stream. Often these minerals
    Accumulates as sediments and block the arteries
    of heart and brain.

  2. All the living beings we find around us live and die without the help
    of a doctor.

    Now let’s see our pathetic condition! We are afraid of many diseases
    Such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Bain Failure, Kidney failure and what not. People of younger age and even our children are getting the attack of dreadful diseases. What ever we saved in our life, is not enough to treat our diseases.

    The English medicines took the role of our savior, since less than 100 years, though its existence noticed since 250 years. Prior to that period also our predecessors lived, and died when got aged, and then the human race had no threat of extinction. It may be noted that about 60 years back we had no medical store even in big cities.

    Recent survey shows developments of Autism (brain disorder) in new born babies are on the rise alarmingly. About 50 years back among 25000 child births hardly one baby was being attacked with autism whereas the ratio is increased to one in 68 and even worse than that. WHO is a mere spectator and keeps a closed eye on this serious issue.

    Reproduction of every living being is a natural process. Birth of a child was never harmed or interfered in the history of human race. Modern medical science with their business approach and their routine antenatal check up scanning and advice only brought us to this tragic level. The children who are born in the natural process acquire the strength to face all difficulties of nature.
    This alarming situation occurred only after the advancement of English medicines. Different types of medical check up on pregnant ladies and the medication is the root cause of the increase in the number of Autism in the world.

    Our ignorance and blind dependence on English medicines only brought
    us to this pathetic stage. Life long medication for an ailment is not a treatment.

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