Know Your Vaccinations

31 Oct

Influenza–Quadrivalent vaccination provides protection against four strains of the flu. Patients 65 and older should ask about specific vaccines for their age group. Shingles–This vaccine greatly reduces the pain associated with the disease. Pneumonia–Pneumococcal vaccines may help protect against more … Read More »


30 Oct

Smoking causes even more diseases than previously thought?  In addition to the well-known risks for lung cancer and other lung diseases, heart attacks and stroke, smoking now is linked to increased risks for infection, kidney disease, intestinal disease caused by … Read More »

Out with Gout

28 Oct

A healthy diet can lower the risk of gout, a painful inflammation of the joints that strikes eight million U.S. adults. A major risk factor: high blood levels of uric acid. Researchers randomly assigned 103 people with high blood pressure … Read More »


24 Oct

It helps control your weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, ease constipation, fight inflammation, and boost your immune system. Adding a regular rotation of whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and fruits and vegetables to your diet will help you … Read More »