Foot Pain

20 Apr

Over-the-counter orthotics, which are also available at sporting goods shops and online, have been found by several studies to ease common foot pain. In one large review, a team of Australian researchers concluded that OCT products (which can cost less … Read More »

Probiotic Foods

15 Apr

Been on an antibiotic this winter? Suffering from seasonal allergies? Coping with an inflammatory intestinal condition or arthritis? Undergoing cancer therapy? Or, simply interested in building a strong immune system to stay healthy? Then probiotic foods should be on the menu.  Probiotic … Read More »

The Red-Eye Special

23 Mar

A subconjunctival hemorrhage sounds horrendous and looks even worse-with the white of one eye suddenly turning flaming red. Those experiencing this may worry about eye disease or bleeding disorders, but the hemorrhage is harmless. The redness is due to the … Read More »