5 Jul

Mothers infected with the virus while pregnant had babies with brain damage or other serious defects in 10% of all cases-and 15% of cases when the mother was infected in the first trimester. Source: Bottom Line Personal June 2017 Morbidity … Read More »


30 Jun

Tinnitus is marked by the perception of buzzing, hissing, ringing or other bothersome sounds with no outside source. The condition, which can be constant or intermittent, is often associated with hearing loss, so a hearing evaluation may be useful. Hearing … Read More »

Ear Wax

15 Jun

Up to one in three older Americans experience a buildup of ear wax, which can cause itching, pain, a feeling of fullness in the ears, stuffiness, coughing, dizziness, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and problems with hearing aid fit. … Read More »