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Snoozing Or Losing

Sleep is something that most people take for granted. You go to bed, you sleep and eight hours later, you wake up. Simple. Not necessarily. Millions of people suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders that prevent them from...

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Foods That Help You Sleep

Carbohydrate-based meals increase blood levels of tryptophan, used by the body to manufacture serotonin, a “calming” neurotransmitter.  Also helpful… Warm milk    It’s not a myth, warm milk at bedtime...

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Nighttime Awakenings

The solution to nighttime awakenings depends on why you’re waking up. One common culprit is sleep apnea, a disorder marked by snoring or gasping during sleep, waking up in a sweat, or waking up with a headache. If you...

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Insomnia Update

It’s not new, but evidence continues to grow in support of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or CBT-I. It involves a combination of cognitive therapy to address negative thoughts about sleep (for example, thinking...

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