19 May

An estimated 35 million Americans suffer from this inner-ear problem that makes sufferers hear sounds such as buzzing, ringing, humming, hissing or clicking. Otolaryngologist Michael D. Seidman, MD, shared a rapid remedy for the problem–a combination of zinc and niacin (vitamin B-3).

How it works:  The highest concentrations of zinc in the body are in the inner ear, and low levels may affect hearing. Niacin may work by improving circulation to the inner ear.

Rapid remedy:  Take 25 mg of zinc once a day and 50 mg of niacin twice a day. (If you’re already getting zinc and niacin in a multivitamin/mineral supplement,, take enough of the nutrients to reach this level.) This can relieve tinnitus within two weeks or less.

Note:  Niacin supplements may cause harmless, temporary but intense facial “flushing” or redness.

Source”  Bottom Line Personal March 1, 2017


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