Save Money on Pain Medicine

Cancer pain is a common side effect of cancer and its treatment. If the cost of pain medicine is an issue for you, talk to your doctor. Do not skip doses or save them for later. Doing so will interfere with your pain control. To save money on pain medicine, consider the following tips:

Ask your doctor if there are generic brands of your medicine available.
These usually cost less than brand-name medicines. You can also ask about the form of the drug. Pills may cost less than other forms of medicine.

Ask your doctor for medicine samples before paying for a prescription.
You can’t get samples of opioids. But you can ask your doctor to write only part of the prescription. This way you can make sure that the medicine works for you before buying the rest of it. This will only help if you pay by the amount you buy. For some insurance plans, you pay the same amount for part of or the whole prescription. Find out what will work best for you.

Find out about discount drug programs.
Some organizations and drug companies have special programs that help pay for prescription drugs. Ask your social worker about these programs.

Ask if you can buy your prescription drugs from a mail-order pharmacy.
Many insurance companies offer the option of getting prescriptions through mail-order pharmacies. Sometimes mail order is cheaper than buying drugs at a local pharmacy. But first make sure that the medicine works for you. Also, be aware that you can’t order opioids in bulk or through the mail.

Contact NeedyMeds.
NeedyMedsExit Disclaimer is a non-profit organization that helps people who cannot afford medicine or other health care costs.

Source: NCI