Coping with the cancer diagnosis

Some practical things that you can do to help during this time include the following:

  • Learn as much as possible about your disease. At times, ignorance or a lack of understanding is your worst enemy. Arm yourself with information in order to lessen frustration and get best results. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your disease. You may wish to keep a notebook with all of your medical records and information about your diagnosis; sometimes, you can be too numb or too upset while at the hospital or doctor’s office and realize later that you forgot everything the physician had said. At such time, it may help to bring a family member or a trusted friend along with you.
  • Keep a journal of your feelings and the impact on your life. As time goes on, you may be able to look back and see that things are improving.
  • Learn about your health insurance benefits so that you understand what expenses will be covered.
  • Continue doing at least some of your usual, daily activities. You will still have things like grocery shopping, laundry, and going through the mail to do on a daily or weekly basis. Having some of these “regular” activities will help you cope and feel more in control.

Source: KU Cancer Center