Vessel Work, Inc. is dedicated to supporting and advancing the health and wellness of the medically underserved. We achieve this with our Less Fear, Better Health blog, our health education video series, and by supporting organizations that are creating tools and solutions to help individuals with severe medical conditions.

We are working with an organization called UME3 to develop a revolutionary application and community for metastatic breast cancer patients. Support our efforts to bring valuable information about living, rather than suffering, with an MBC diagnosis.

Show your support by donating to UME3 to help MBC patients, families and caregivers better cope, prepare and make smarter healthcare decisions.



Your donation helps us to develop UME3’s technically advanced community to connect with loved ones, ask for support, educate yourself and others and help improve communication with doctors, all in one place.


Your donation helps us to foster UME3’s community, bringing together patients, family members and caregivers to ask questions and share their experience for the benefit of others. Hear from our spokesperson!


Your donation helps us to fund UME3’s “How Can I” video series helps to answer patients’, caregivers’ and family members’ practical questions about living with metastatic breast cancer.