Author: Kathy

Improve your Mood

Count on kindness. Toting up the number of kind acts you preform can increase your own positive feelings. Get another hour of sleep. Depriving yourself of sufficient sleep on a regular basis makes it harder for your brain to use...

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Fit in Fitness

Walk while you talk. When you are on the phone, get on the move. You will burn about 54 calories during a 20 minute call. Stand up more. Sitting for 6 hours a day increases your risk of being overweight by 68 percent, says...

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Boost Your Energy

Get some fresh air. According to a University of Rochester study, people who spent 20 minutes or more outdoors felt as if they had significantly more mental and physical stamina than those you opted to stay inside. Chew...

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Eat Smart

Learn to graze “Instead of eating large meals, I have smaller ones more frequently,” says Dr. Sears. Be sure to include fruit in your mini-meals: A recent University of California, Los Angeles, study found that...

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