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Fight the Bite

To stop itching, fill a zip-top bag with ice, wrap the bag in cloth and hold it against the bite for 10 to 15 minutes. Other smart techniques:  Soak a tea bag in very cold water, squeeze out the excess liquid and apply the tea...

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Avoiding Mosquitoes

Tips to avoid mosquito bites include: Wear EPA-registered repellants and follow label instructions Wear long, loose, light-colored clothing Install or repair screens on windows and doors   Reduce mosquito breeding around...

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Bug Bites

If you are bitten: See a doctor if you develop a bull’s-eye rash, or chills, fever, fatigue, headaches, and muscle or joint pain. Antibiotics stop the infection and prevent complications, such as joint pain and facial...

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Mosquito Bites

The peril: Mosquito bites are not only vexing, they can also transmit ther dangerous West Nile virus and other diseases, including malaria and dengue fever, a tropical illness that is increasing in frequency throughout Latin...

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Tick Bites

The peril: A deer tick as small as a poppy seed can carry Lyme disease as well as other diseases, such as anaplasmosis and babesiosis. Reported cases of all three are increasing. The tiny ticks are commonly found in the...

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Bee Stings And Spider Bites

The peril: Bee stings are uncomfortable for most people because of localized pain and swelling, but they can cause life threatening reactions in people who are highly allergic. Spider bites can be severe, with ulceration and...

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