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Unexpected Choking Danger: Soft Foods

It probably comes as no surprise that speed-eating contests are dangerous, but few people realize that soft foods such as pancakes and doughnuts pose any choking risk at all In fact, studies have found that soft baked goods are...

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Oral & Colon Cancer

What to do: If you are at risk for oral or colon cancer…or are being treated for one of these diseases…or a survivor of any of them…talk to your doctor about adding black raspberry to a daily smoothie. (You...

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Colorectal Cancer

People treated for stage 111 colon cancer who ate two or more ounces of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews or pecans per week lowered their chance of a recurrence by 42 percent and the likelihood of dying by 57 percent...

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Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is becoming more common in younger adults. The rate of people under age 50 rose more than 11% from 2004 to 2014. And colorectal cancer among people ages 20 to 34 is expected to increase 90% by 2030. The actual...

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Colon Conundrum

In 1999, researchers found the calcium supplements lowered the risk of precancerous colon polyps. Not so, says a new trial by some of the same researchers. Scientists randomly assigned 2,259 people with a history of polyps to...

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Have A Better Colonoscopy

Lying on your left side (compare with lying on your back) during a colonoscopy may increase the likelihood that doctors will detect precancerous polyps on your colon’s right side. In one recent study, when 130 patients lay...

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Processed Meats & The Colon

Processed meats might cause a risk to the colon. It’s not clear,  why, but processed meats have preservatives like nitrites, and nitrosamines are formed in some.  They are carcinogenic in animal studies. Source: Nutrition...

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Screening Works For Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is diagnosed in about 135,000 Americans each year, and about 52,000 Americans die of colon cancer each year. For nonsmokers, it’s the top cause of cancer death.  An unfortunate fact behind this statistic is...

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Someone is Choking

A blocked airway quickly cuts off oxygen to the brain, so fast action is critical. The surest clue? The person can’t speak. If she’s choking on something that’s visible, reach in and pull it out. But, says...

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Colon Cancer

The Guidelines Men and women should have at least one of these screenings for colon cancer from ages 50-75 (and, in some cases, 75-85). When there is a strong family history in a first degree relative, your doctor may advise...

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