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Powdered Caffeine Can Be Dangerous

Powdered caffeine, available on the internet, often is used in homemade energy shakes to boost workouts or lose weight, BUT: It is easy to overdose on powdered caffeine because it is so concentrated. One serving is one-sixteenth...

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Coffee, To Keep You Healthy

Benefits: Java’s caffeine can make you feel more alert, boost your mental and physical performance, and elevate your mood. Both regular and decaf are rich in polyphenols, those antioxidants that may help regulate blood...

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Coffee isn’t just a morning pick-me-up. It’s good medicine. “Caffeine helps reduce pain by narrowing the dilated blood vessels that develop with headaches,” says Andrew Weil, MD, founder and director of...

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The Fattening Breakfast Blunder

If you wake up and head straight for the coffeepot, you might be inadvertently derailing your diet. Caffeine can temporarily suppress appetite, causing you to skip breakfast. That’s a problem if your goal is weight loss,...

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Coffee Comparison

Does instant coffee have the same health benefits as regular coffee? It appears to. Both instant coffee–which is real, brewed coffee that has been dehydrated–and regular coffee contain healthful antioxidant compounds...

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Caffeine Quota

Ask most adults about caffeine and they will probably tell you it’s a requirement. Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon soda, caffeine can provide a needed energy boost. The key to caffeine...

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Typical claim: “Burns fat and calories” What is it? Caffeine is the stimulant in coffee, tea, and colas. It’s also added to a slew of weight-loss supplements. How it “works”: Caffeine increases...

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Coffee & Stroke

Does coffee raise or lower the risk of stroke? To find out, researchers pooled the results of 11 studies that tracked nearly 480,000 people in six countries for up to 24 years. Compared with those who drank no coffee, the risk...

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