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Eat Right to Breathe Easier

Smart diet choices may help with asthma symptoms. People who ate plenty of produce, whole grains, nuts, beans, fish and olive oil and kept their consumption of meat, salt, and sugar to a minimum at lower odds of experiencing...

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Do Nuts Make You Fat?

Short answer: No As much as 75% of a nut is fat. But eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. The bigger factor leading to weight gain is portion-size. Luckily, nuts are loaded with healthy fats that keep you full....

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Healthy Reasons to Eat More Fruit

Sweet produce has benefits that veggies might not. Get the most from-and enjoy-the seasons bounty. Fruit won’t make you fat Fruits is packed with nutrients Fruit is a tasty way to protect your heart Berries boost brain...

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You probably don’t eat enough. Nine out of 10 Americans fall short. A good target: at least 2 1/2 to 3 cups a day. Better yet, forget the cups. Cover half your plate, and not just at dinner, with vegetables (and/or fruit)....

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Processed Food and Cancer

Consuming processed items like soda, candy, frozen meals, packaged bread and desserts, instant noodles and soups, and meats like hot dogs and chicken nuggets can increase cancer risk, a recent French study found. The...

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Leafy Greens for Brainpower

Getting leafy greens each day appeared to help slow cognitive decline in a Rush University Medical study that tracked older adults for nearly five years. The study volunteers who ate the most greens, about 1.3 servings a day,...

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Gene-Diet Interactions

The mapping of the human genome has opened the door to personalized nutrition, which someday may move us from “you are what you eat” to “how to eat for who you are.” The emerging field of nutrigenomics...

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Foods With Medicinal Benefits

While many plant foods have been linked with health, here are some of the most promising disease-busting foods you should include in your diet. Berries, Broccoli, Cinnamon, Cranberries, Fish, Fermented Foods, Garlic, Ginger and...

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